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    Shenzhen Binhai Hospital is invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is located  at the most beautiful area of the city, just at the point where Binhai road crosses Qiaocheng east road ,at Shenzhen bay area 16.It is intended to build a modern, Grade A, Tertiery Hospital which intergrated with clinical, educational, scientific research and remote medical service functions.Using high quality of engineering designs and constructions,we are going to have a hospital  with excellent world- standard facilities and with multidisciplinary functions Medical Health Center. The Center ,with it’s first-class construction, first-class administration management and first-class services,will fulfill the needs of the public for high quality  medical care services.
    The hospital occupies 192,000㎡ area, with the total construction area of 352,000㎡.There will be 2000 patient beds (among them 300 VIP beds), 2007 car parking spaces.  According to the design,there will be “the ambulatory center + key specialty services”,20 clinical and emergency centers,11 adjunct departments and a clinical center for special needs.The hospital will have capacity to receive 6000-10000 outpatients per day.The construction foundation was started in November 2007 and the hospital is expected to be opened for patients use in August 2011.

Architectural Effect Figures of Shenzhen Binhai Hospital

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